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Genre: Stealth

Primary Role: Associate Producer

Platform: PC (Steam)

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 32 weeks

Team Size: 28 - 33

Status: Released June 16

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I have been running some personal tests at the end of each day to understand where we are and how it would look like from the player’s perspective. Accordingly, I brought these observations to the people designated to this feature and pushed for high priority points to be improved on.

For me this was very valuable and I have also received feedback from multiple team members they found it helpful to get these directions.


Diving into a yet unexplored area, I thought it might be good to look into how marketing works to get outside of my comfort zone. With this task, I have explored possibilities of how we convey a message to our audience and how to attract that audience with that message to the desired place where we sell our product.

It helps us to bring our product to our audience, which motivates us through those who enjoy it and brings us closer to the achievement of our product goals.

Apart from marketing through social media, we have participated in events such as INDIGO, the Steam Game Festival and The Rookies and I have made myself accustomed to using Steam as medium for marketing and community engagement.


Throughout the year of creating this product, I have – together with our Producer – implemented our own version of Scrum to support our team with planning and continuous improvement.

I have facilitated scrum events such as sprint planning, retrospectives and sprint reviews, which included playing the build together and analyzing what was achieved, what should be improved on, etc.

These events have improved over the year and have supported our team by finding and addressing problems, giving direction to the team and giving us a sense of what progress we’ve made.

Projectexhibited_Poster_bySalomé Busuras

About the game:

Steam 5.png

This poster was made by Salomé Busurashvili

The Process:

Team Management

During my time as an associate producer for Project Exhibited, I was in charge of internal communications. This mainly included problem-solving in situations I or others found on the work floor.  This was a very fun and diverse job to do as problems varied between for example the FPS of the game being to low and heated discussions on our chosen medium of communication. This responsibility of team management has taught me countless of things, about myself, about others and about the project. 

Competitor Analysis

Another task I completed for Project Exhibited was the Competitive Analysis. This was supported by the SWOT-analyses I have made for our competitors as well as our own game.

It helped us to find that we, for example, do not have very unique features yet in comparison to our competitors and that we do need to take into account that we will not be able to achieve the same amount of scope due to a lack of resources and experience. We have tried to take these points into account to improve on our product in the end.


  • Team management

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Retrospectives

  • Build Reviews

  • Sprint Planning

  • Testing

  • Marketing

  • Community Management

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