Anca de Waal

Associate Producer


Project Exhibited

Genre: Stealth

Primary Role: Associate Producer

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 32 weeks

Team Size: 28 - 33

Status: Released

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Internship Soedesco 

Duration: Ongoing since September
Responsibilities: Testing, FQA/CQA support, Localization support, Age Ratings, (Product Backlog, Pipelines for Studios)
Featured Games: Kaze and the Wild Masks, Monster Crown, Dog Duty, Truck Driver,  Hammerhelm, Defunct


Little Thorns

Genre: Cooperative Bossfighter

Primary Role: Scrum Master

Platform: PC 

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Team Size: 22

Status: Released

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Kitty Caller

GenreBullet Hell

Primary Role: QA

Platform: Mobile

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration: 2 weeks

Team Size: 7

Status: Not Released

Special Skills




A small budget was reserved for one of our projects and I was in charge of keeping it. Next to that, there was an assignment for a project proposal which required a budget plan with rough estimations ​of costs and possible income. Therefore I have a bit of experience with budgetting. 

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance or Testing in general seems to always have been a small part ​of my responsibilities in most of my projects. Of course, not without reason. Testing for a producer role has given me more awareness of the status of a product, allows me to understand priorities better and sometimes grants a different perspective on the product, clearing up issues and/or bugs to report back to the team. 

Personal & Project Planning

Being my messy self has never shown as much progress as when I became a better planner, helping me and the team to become more motivated and more efficient. Experience in all phases of game development have helped me give a better understanding of what is needed on the planning side. ​

Agile Development

Scrum is the framework I have worked most with, however often combined with other aspects to make it most fitting to the team, depending on what it needs. 


In one of my projects I have been in charge of marketing. Although I think I could definitely have done a better job at it, it has given me more knowledge of what is necessary for marketing.

Basic Visual Scripting (Blueprints)

During my education, I have worked with Unreal Engine 4, which granted the opportunity of working with visual scripting or in this case 'Blueprinting'.  I had taken the chance to try out the role of technical designer in a project to learn more about this subject and thus give me a basic understanding of the feature. 

Risk Management

I have learned about the importance of risks, ​how to predict them and how to address them by priority, which is based on the severity and reproducibility. When the risks are more complicated, I try to view them from different perspectives, which gives me a better insight of how I should act. 


After experiences with small teams, larger teams ​and even with third parties I have refined my interpersonal skills with both individuals as well as with groups and with face-to-face communication as well as communicating through a medium. This has already prevented many risks from being realised in a project and I am convinced it will prevent more in the future.  

Google Drive

3 years 


1 Year



2 Months


Jira Software

2 years 

Unreal Engine

3 years


Painter Essentials 7

2 years


3 years


Microsoft Office

9 Years



Anca de Waal






Vlijmen, The Netherlands




1 Month

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